Terms of Service – Job-seekers

Terms & Conditions for Services Offered to Job-Seekers:

1. Being aware of the rising level of unemployment in the state, Himnaukri initially doesn’t charge any amount from any of the Job-seekers for getting them placed in our client companies.

2. Any candidate selected through HimNaukri is required to send over a copy of his/her appointment letter to us for our records.

3. Once the candidate is selected by the concerned company/organization, HimNaukri service charges will apply as per one of the following conditions:

CONDITION 1: The selected candidate need not pay any charges in-case the recruiting company is paying us the requisite charges on behalf of him.

CONDITION 2: The selected candidate will be required to pay an amount equal to 25% of his/her first salary as and when he receives his/her first salary. This amount will be deducted from his first salary and the recruiting company/employer will pay this amount to HimNaukri on behalf of the candidate.

4. In case the shortlisted candidate is informed to appear for the interview and he/she doesn’t do so, he/she will be blacklisted and barred from appearing for any interviews in the future.

5. HimNaukri simply acts as a bridge gapping the gorge between employers and job seekers. We just inform the candidates about the available job opportunities with our clients. The selection process is the overall responsibility of the organization (employer).

6. The candidate should by himself, verify the authenticity, eligibility, identity of the company before joining an organization as an employee.

7. Any deviation from the ‘terms and conditions for services offered‘ will call for legal court proceeding being initiated, by our team of legal experts, against the defaulter candidate.

8. All disputes are subject to Shimla jurisdiction only.

If you accept the above-mentioned terms and conditions, upload your updated resume/CV at himnaukri.com/apply