Terms of Service – Employers

Any employer throughout the country can avail our services subject to the fulfillment of Terms and Conditions for services offered. The employers can send us their requirements by filling up the Employer Requisition Form or through email (hr@himnaukri.com). The receipt of requirements will be treated as an acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions for Services Offered

1. As an accepted norm in the Indian placement industry, the placement consultancies charge the employers 8.33% of the CTC offered by them to the candidates for a specific profile. 8.33% of CTC normally is equivalent to one month salary of the candidate. HimNaukri also charges an amount equal to only 8.33% of the annual CTC of the candidate.

2. HimNaukri provides free replacement of candidates in case the candidates leave the job before completion of 90 days in a specific client organization.

3. Employers can also avail our One-Time Payment service wherein we provide candidates to our clients charging Rs. 1,000/- only per candidate, if the monthly salary offered is less than or equal to Rs. 10,000 or 10% of the monthly salary if the monthly salary is more than Rs. 10,000 per month. In the One-time Payment service, no replacement of candidates is provided.

4. We expect to receive our payments within 7 days of the selection of the candidates by the client organization.

5. HimNaukri simply acts as a bridge in gapping the gorge between employers and job seekers. We just inform the candidates about the available job opportunities with our clients. The selection process is the overall responsibility of the organization (employer). HimNaukri does not assume any liability, whatsoever may arise, as a result of the selection of a particular candidate.

6. Himnaukri will not be responsible for any dispute between the employer and the employee. Neither will we be responsible for any misconduct, misbehavior or misleading criminal record of the candidate, whatsoever, as our responsibility ends as soon as the employer meets the potential employee.

7. The organization (employer) should by themselves, verify the authenticity, eligibility, identity of the candidates before recruiting them as employees.

8. The client organization (employer) is required to inform us about the number of selections made, out of the total candidates that appeared for the interview, based on the information propagated by us.

9. If the candidate referred by us is not selected and we get to know that the person is working with your organization within 12 months of the date of interview, it will be considered to be a placement made by HimNaukri and the organization (employee) will be liable to pay the requisite charges.

10. Any deviation from the ‘terms and conditions for services offered‘ will call for legal court proceedings being initiated, by our team of legal experts, against the defaulter organization (employer).

11. All disputes are subject to Shimla jurisdiction only.

If you accept the above-mentioned terms and conditions, fill-up the Employer Requisition Form or email us your requirements at hr@himnaukri.com